Friday, October 30, 2009


We've finally arrived at the end of the week. Most of the week was spent cleaning up in areas that don't get frequent cleaning, like behind the entertainment center, behind the huge TV that never gets moved, etc. I needed to have those areas clean because we were upgrading our computer/phone/TV systems - you know those packages that the phone companies give you to save money.

After all that cleaning, it ends up that the new wiring that was installed (down the street a couple of blocks away) doesn't reach to our house. The technician apologized, but I guess it wasn't really his fault. He's under the assumption that wiring is ready to go and he just puts things together to make it work. It's a good thing that I didn't cancel are current satellite programming.

At least I got some good cleaning in behind those hard to get to areas!

I also spent a lot of time during the week on attempting to sew Emily a costume for the school Saints Day festivities. She wanted to dress as the Blessed Mother, so we chose Our Lady of Lourdes. It looked like an easy costume to sew. I bought her an XL T-shirt for the gown and then sewed the veil. She wore a blue sash around her waist, a rosary hanging from her arm, and two pink roses as her feet. I based it all on this picture:

It was actually quite easy to sew. The hard part was trying to figure out where all my sewing tools were. I couldn't quite remember where all my bobbins were and where the pins were. My organizational skills are lacking in the sewing department. Oh, and then once I was ready to actually sew, my presser foot was missing! Who knows where that went. I used a different one that did the job.

Oh, Therese! I wish I could sew like you! I need to start practicing!

I hope I can post a decent picture of Emily wearing the costume. Steve was the assigned photographer and I haven't seen any of his shots. He's not home yet. I didn't get to attend the actual parade because I had to stay home and take care of Ryan, who's sick and didn't go to school.

Thank you all so much for keeping him in your prayers. I took him to the doctor today as he developed some flu symptoms that got me concerned. The doctor seems to think the stomach problems are just remnants from "irregularity". It can take a while for his insides to feel better. That was good to hear. And his flu symptoms are just that. He has the flu.

I asked if it was the dreaded swine flu. He said it was possible, but he didn't do any tests on him. He said treat it like any other flu - lots of fluids and rest. I'll be busy sanitizing everything hoping this doesn't spread! And my mother is here visiting! She better not catch this or I'll feel horrible!

Now it's time to wait for the girls to arrive home. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the Saints Day parade and checking out the pictures!


Aussie Therese said...

when I started sewing I was the worse sewer in my class. Every seam I did, I had to undo and sew over. I remember my home ec teacher saying to me that I should never try and make my own clothes because I would just frustrate myself.

I also remember when we moved here and I couldn't find any of my accessories. It just put me off sewing. I really didn't do anything much until Steve made the sewing table. That was during the school holidays so I spent a heap of time out in our garage hunting up all my accessories. Those I couldn't find, I replaced. Everything needs to be at your fingertips when you are sewing.

Practice will make perfect. I really didn't sew a lot of the childrens clothes until I was pregnant with Amelia. It is only over the last 4 years that I have become confident in sewing patterns and following through the instructions. If I can do it, anyone can.

MITZI said...

Post those picture dear Sister!

Tracy said...

I can't sew at all.. sure wish I could!!