Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Summer's Challenges

This has not been the summer I'd envisioned! It started out fine, but then the sickies started.

Kathryn started with a little cold. She got over that quickly without any disruption of any summer plans. Then Ryan got a cold, which turned into a cough, which turned into some upper respiratory infection. I held off going to the doctor thinking he would turn the corner any day. It never did, so we finally paid a visit to the dr. After his round of antibiotics, he's well. Thank the Lord. Now Emily has the cough and I have it as well! We've both been up the past two nights hacking away. Hopefully, it won't get worse.

Before the summer started, I bought four swim passes so we could hang out at the pool. Since people are getting sick, we haven't been able to use the passes as much I as thought we would. We haven't been sightseeing as much as I wanted to, but we are still managing to have some fun, even if its just playing around with sidewalk chalk, puttering in the garden, or just making up games.

Ah, such is life. It's what happens when we're busy making other plans.

During this busy time, I've been scarce in the blogosphere, but I hope I can catch up with all of you soon! I'm embarrassed to say my reader has over 500 posts and I may just have to press the dreaded, Mark All As Read!!


Aussie Therese said...

wait till it gets to 1000+. I had 1000+ when I was going on less in Lent.

Now if I have more than 250 I browse through the best blogs and then delete the rest.

Tracy said...

aw, what a bummer, isn't that just how it goes. Last summer at this time we were preparing to spend the weekend at the lake and low and behold Alex fell and broke his elbow and had to have surgery and we ended up in the hospital that weekend instead.. sometimes it feels like when it rains it pours.