Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello There!

I'm just now able to sit down and make a post! Life has been busy, busy.

So many things are going on at the kid's school. Last week, Kathryn spent three days trying out for the girls basketball team (5th & 6th graders). She made the team! She's so excited and we are all excited for her! We've been shopping for the needy families that Kathryn and Ryan's classes have adopted.

Tonight is Ryan's Christmas program. Of course, procrastinator that I am, I waited for the last minute to think about what he will wear. Clothes were all set, but I forgot that he had outgrown his good shoes. Last night we went to Sears to look for some shoes. We found some that he liked, but they didn't have his size. So I told him I would go out today to find the same ones but at a different store. Luckily, I found his size today! We are all set to go.

I hope we get there early enough to get good seats, but chances are slim. The hall fills up pretty quick and I don't want to get there so early that Emily gets impatient and we have to leave.

I still have major Christmas shopping to do, but I hope to get a lot of it done this weekend. I so admire all you ladies who get your shopping done early. I hope to join you some year. :)
But for now, I'll try not to panic!

I've got to go now, got to get everyone ready for show tonight!


Therese said...

great to hear from you Lisa. I haven't finished Christmas shopping either but I am confident I will get everything done in time.


Blessed With 4 said...

Congratulations to Kathryn.
I hope that Ryan's Christmas Program is fantastic.
I am right along with you with the Christmas Shopping thing. Next year I will be an early bird though. Have a blessed day.

Tracy said...

Great to hear from you:)
Sounds like you are keeping busy.. I know the feeling... have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season:)

MITZI said...

HI Lisa, How did it go last night? Post a picture maybe. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks, at mom's.

MITZI said...

Congratulations to Kathryn. I'm so excited for her too. To be chosen!

SuzyQ said...

Hope you had a great time at the show.
And Congrats to Kathryn!