Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tournament Weekend

Kathryn is playing in her first soccer tournament this weekend and we are all excited. It's going to be hot over here but where she's playing is real close to the beach so we should have nice cool breezes.

Kathryn will be playing two games today and in between I need to take Ryan for a haircut. I've delayed it so many times already that he really couldn't go much longer without him starting to look too unkempt.

This past week has been mostly spent doing some spring cleaning of our patio. The weather has been very warm so I've hosed down the patio, cleaned windows, dusted cobwebs, beat out some old mats and just did some sprucing up. While out there, I'm sure finding a lot of those black beetles I mentioned before. I think I'm kind of getting used to them now. I'm not so freaked out.

Well, I'm off to the tournament. I hope I can take some decent pictures to post later.
I'll leave with this link for a free Fruitista Freeze from Taco Bell if you like that type of food. It looks delicious, especially on a nice warm day!


SuzyQ said...

I hope Kathryn has a good game!
We've been getting loads of insects in the house since the warmer weather arrived.
Do they grow bigger in the heat or something!! heehee!
Have a blessed weekend Lisa.

GrandmaK said...

My best wishes for Kathryn! There is nothing like the excitement of kids when they prepare and participate in a competition with their friends. Enjoy it, Mom, for before you know it, this too will pass and you will wonder where it went! God Bless!! Cathy

Tracy said...

Hope Kathryn had a good game!!