Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today started out with Kathryn's soccer game. Her team won 4-0 so that was great. Right after that, we headed out to my great-niece's 2yr birthday party. We had a great time even though it was super hot! It was held at a park but thankfully, there was lots of shade. Later, all the kids got to go in the sprinkler they had going. I didn't know there would be one at this park so I didn't bring any change of clothes or towels or anything. But no one cared. It was so hot anyway, they all dried up with the heat pretty fast anyway. They had a blast so that's what counts.

Tomorrow, we are off to the Youth Expo. There will be lots of exhibits from the youth of our county (I think). Kathryn's mission will be on display as well as those of her classmates. Her class had a field trip there yesterday, so she got a sneak preview. She says her mission got first place, but I think actually they all got blue ribbons.

I made a discovery today. I think this summer, we (meaning our area) are going to have an abundance of black beetles. I saw two of them this morning in our garage. Yuck! Then I saw a couple at Kathryn's soccer game. Then I saw one at the party today! I'm not sure if they are stag beetles, but they're big and black. Maybe they're ground beetles? I just hope they don't find a way into the house.

Now, I'm off to watch Gone With the Wind. I've never seen it before and I thought I'd give it a try. Sometimes, nothing beats watching an old classic movie!


Tracy said...

I am envious of your warm weather but not your beetles.. I dislike bugs and I really dislike beetles!

mitzi said...

Congrats to Kathryn for her first place blue ribbon.

Those beetles are harmless but they are ugly and frightening. Just wait til one buzzez close to your ear, it'll make the hair on your arms stand up!!

mitzi said...

Lisa, I think I meant it'll make the hair on your head stand up!! I always get my cliches (sp?) backwards. :)